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Verdi Quartett, Fotostudio Samer


The members of the Verdi Quartett put their heart and soul into chamber music: founded in 1985 by Juilliard School laureate Susanne Rabenschlag (violin) and violist Karin Wolf, a pupil of Max Rostal and Bruno Giuranna, recent members are german-french violinist Matthias Ellinger at the 2nd violin, and cellist Zoltan Paulich, a native of Hungary.

Time and again the four members of the Verdi Quartett have successfully communicated their own enthousiasm to their audiences, for instance at the great festivals at Schwetzingen, Ludwigsburg and Zermatt, the Mozart Festival in Lille (France), the Orlando Festival in Kerkrade (Netherlands) and the Bach Festival in Oregon, where they were appointed Quartet in Residence. Their national and international commitments have taken the quartet to virtually all the leading concert venues, not only in Europe but also in the USA, Canada, Africa and South Korea. They have appeared with eminent performers such as Norbert Brainin, Siegmund Nissel and Martin Lovett, Bruno Giuranna, Alfredo Perl, Günter Ludwig, Rudolf Meister and Matthias Kirschnereit.

The «Verdis» have been coached by the Amadeus Quartett, not just in chamber music playing, but also specifically concerning Benjamin Britten’s work, who wrote his third and last string quartet for this legendary ensemble, and with whom he collaborated while preparing the world premiere. Such influence, as well as master classes with the Shostakovich Quartet Moskow and Melos Quartett Stuttgart, helped mark the Verdi Quartett’s style, which is characterized by great tonal beauty as well as a certain austerity. These influences led to a particular affinity to the works of the great hungarian composers Bartók and Kodàly, and to the music of the eminent russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. All this is in perfect harmony with the four musicians’ fundamental artistic ideas.

Since 2003, the quartet has a festival of its own, the Festival vielsaitig in Füssen, a mixture of concerts, chamber music and solo master classes, as well as a symposium for string instrument making.

The Verdi Quartett’s members are also in great demand as teachers: they work individually and as a group at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim (where they have been Quartet in Residence since 2004), at the Rostock University of Music and Theatre, and offer master classes and workshops around the world.